Why High Performance Athletes Need Naturopathic Doctors


High-level performance athletes have teams of people to support them. I'm sure it’s no surprise to you that trainers, physiotherapists, or chiropractors are on those teams. But it may be surprising to you to learn that, more and more, Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) like myself are playing integral roles in the team helping athletes achieve peak performance. Here's why

1. We Are Experts in Nutrition

Nutrition plays a big role in reaching athletic goals, but there is a huge disconnect between what athletes are doing, and what we know works. To confuse matters, not every diet will work for every athlete. No, the Ketogenic diet isn't for everyone. Personalizing your diet to fit your individual goals, needs and wants is something NDs excel at. 

2. We Are Experts in Supplementation

There are very few athletes out there who don't take supplements. The unfortunate part is many aren't taking the right things, at the right dose. NDs are trained to know what works, how much of it works, and how it applies to your individual case. For example, you may be taking a supplement that works for a 400-800m sprinter, but you're a strength athlete; I see it all the time. A Naturopath is one of the only professionals with a deep knowledge of supplements. Get a Naturopath's opinion before you start taking a supplement, you'll save time and money. 

3. We Don't Just Work on the Physical

Many professionals gear their service towards the physical nature of sports. By that I mean designing an awesome training program, providing exercises to help improve muscle imbalances, and treating injuries as they arise. As a Naturopath I do all of those things, but I also work on your body on a smaller scale; from a physiological level. Helping you absorb more nutrients from your food, using those nutrients more efficiently, and improving your performance from the foundations right up to the peak. 

4. We would rather prevent an injury than treat one

The best treatment is no treatment, by that I mean prevention. There are many specific strategies that can help you decrease your risk of injury; lifestyle, training, diet, and supplements all play a role. NDS can help you stop the things that might cause injury before they become issues. 

5. We know what to do if you get injured

Despite our best efforts, sometimes injuries are unavoidable. When that happens, an ND can help decrease your recovery time and get you back to fighting strength sooner. An ND will use our wide knowledge of nutrition and supplements coupled with physical therapies to get you better, faster. 

Naturopathic doctors fill a void in the sports and athletic industry.  We provide evidence-based performance enhancing care that is hard to come by but crucial if you want to perform at your best. Let an ND help you become the best athlete you can  by having one at the heart of your sports therapy team. 

If you have any questions about how to reach your full potential, don't hesitate to contact me, book an appointment, or stop by the clinic.

Thanks for reading,

Dr. Oake