Beat the Holiday Hang-Over with The Pre-Game IV

Vitamin Mineral nutrient IV's

It's official, the holiday party season has started. From boozy egg nog to candy cane daiquiris (I assume this is a thing), the holiday season is not short of libation. But that doesn't mean you have to suffer. 

Gone are the days of raw eggs and a "hair from the dog that bit you" the morning after. Here are the days where prevention is the name of the game. 

My first suggestion is to take it easy on the mulled wine and "White Christmas Martini's". However, if you're not interested in taking it easy, try a pre-game-hangover-prevention-nutrient IV bag. 

It's full of high doses of B-vitamins, electrolytes, and a bunch of other good stuff to help your body process the extra brews you may consume. 

Why do it before you ask? First, who wants to leave their house after a long night of festivities? And second it's good to make sure you are topped up with these important nutrients before you start sipping the gin and juice. 

Disclaimer 1: You must have lab work and a visit with one of the Certified Naturopathic Doctors here at Valero Wellness before you can receive treatment. 

To book an appointment call the clinic at (226) 774-5888.

Happy holidays!