A Sure Way to Succeed at Your Weight Loss Goals

This is the sister post to my previous blog post, A Sure Way to Fail at Your Weight Loss Goals, which can be found here.

As mentioned in this previous post, many of my clients have a weight management goal in mind when they come to the clinic, even if it’s not number one on their list. A common theme I find to be the greatest predictor of success when considering weight loss, is not what you eat, when you eat, or how you eat (although these are all very important). Often times it’s how well you manage your time that makes the biggest difference. For the most part, people already know what a healthy diet is; the problems arise when it comes to following through with this knowledge. Thats where I come in!

As an example, most days of the week you pack your own lunch (comprised of leftovers) with your portions all measured out to match your dietary needs and goals; hypothetically let’s assume this goal is about 300 calories a meal. Realistically on one or two days of the week you will run out of time to pack a lunch and have to go out to eat. You decide to purchase and eat the healthy option of a grilled chicken salad. Even this healthy choice will have about ~400 calories. Although only 100 calories more than your goal, over the course of a week, a month, or a year it could be the difference between losing those extra few pounds or not. Of course this is a simplified example and peoples diets will vary throughout the year, it does get the point across: time management and organization can make the difference in your weight loss goals. It’s a matter of making time in your often-busy schedule to shop for, prepare and pack your meals that will ultimately lead to the greatest results. 

This simple, common sense approach to weight loss is the best way to achieve sustainable results all while eating things you love and living a life you love.

If you have any questions or want to start today, don’t hesitate to contact me or book an appointment today!